Q/ What Safety Equipment is supplied with the Kendall Kampers?

A/ All Kendall Kampers are supplied with a basic first aid kit and a fire extinguisher located in the storage box.

Q/ How long does it take to set up the Kendall Kamper?

A/ The basic set up only takes approximately 5 minutes to set up. The annex takes a little longer and is ideal for extended says. Full training is provided during your pre hire briefing together with a detailed manual for you to take with you.

Q/ Does the Kendall Kamper have their own fridge?

A/ The Kendall Kampers aren't equipped wirh fridge. 12v/240v Fridge/Freezers are available for hire and are best located within your vehicle so these can be connect up to the vehicles main power supply.

Q/ Does the Kendall Kampers have a water tank?

A/ Yes, the Kendall Kamper is fitted with underfloor water tanks and hold approximately 80 litres. Additional water can be carried in the two jerry can holders on the front of the Kamper.

Q/ Do I need a tow bar on my car to tow the Kendall Kamper?

A/ Yes you do. The Kendall Kampers require tow bar fitted with a 50mm ball coupling and a 7 pin flat electrical plug.

Q/ I don't have a brake controller in my vehicle, can I still tow the camper?

A/ Yes, the Kendall Kampers are equipped with over ride brake and don't require brake controllers.

Q/ My vehicle isn't a 4WD, can I still tow the Kendall Kamper?

A/ Yes, the Kendall Kampers requires a vehicle with a minimum towing capacity of 1,765kg. It is a good idea to check the manufacturers handbook for the tow capacity and also the tow bar its self as some tow bars are light duty only, ie box trailers.

Q/ Can I leave the main bed made up whilst traveling?

A/ Yes as long as the bedding isn't too bulky. This aids in quick setup times when you find your ideal camping location.

Q/ What documentation do I need when hiring a Kendall Kamper?

A/ All you need is your driver’s license and one other form of identification. During the hiring briefing you will also need to agree and sign the hire agreement before leaving with the Kendall Kamper. For international travelers, you will also need your passport.

Q/ Why do I need to give a security bond?

A/ The bond is security for Kendall Kampers against possible damage caused by the hirer. It can also be used should the hirer not have time or the facilities to appropriately clean the Kendall Kamper upon its return or have limited time available.

Q/ How much space is in the Kendall Kampers?

A/ Like they always say, once you've packed, take half out.

Q/ Are the Kendall Kampers supplied with recovery equipment?

A/ No. If you intend to travel off road, you should consider that you'll need a full complement of recovery gear, spares & tools and be self-sufficient, comprehensive first aid, communications equipment, etc. Should you have any questions regarding your planned trip and the preparation required, please don't hesitate to contact us at Kendall Kampers.

Q/ What payment methods does Kendall Kampers accept?

A/ Kendall Kampers accepts payments via Bank Transfer, Bank Cheque’s, Paypal, Visa / Mastercard and cash.